Nutrition The Smart Choice for Your Vitamin B3 and Picolinate Supplement

Human Nutrition

Human nutrition, the process of the body taking in and absorbing nutrients, is important because it provides the human body with all of the individual entities it requires for life and maintenance of health. The essential requirements for a healthy living organism are carbohydrates, protein, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals.  Adding nutrients via supplements can help people meet the nutrition needs specified by science-based nutrition standards. The Vertellus product line contains the following vitamins and minerals for human nutrition supplementation.
Vitamin B3: a key nutrient used for fortification of pharmaceutical, health, beauty, and nutrition applications.  
Chromium Picolinate: one of the most potent forms of chromium, a trace mineral required by the body for normal growth and development.
Zinc Picolinate: a natural delivery form of zinc, an essential mineral for human and animal nutrition.